West Coast Steenbrass

(Lithognathus aureti)

Weskus steenbras

1. What is it?

West coast steenbras (Lithognathus aureti) are endemic fish able to change sexes from male to female. They have a distinct preference for extremely shallow inshore water of 10 meters or less with sandy bottoms. This species is listed as Near Threatened on IUCN’s list of threatened species and is rated as a no-sale species within South Africa.

2. How was it caught or farmed?

Only recreational fishers with a special permit may catch West coast steenbras following a daily bag (1) and minimum size limit (60 cm). Recreational fishers are not allowed to sell their catches.

3. Where is it from?

West coast steenbras are endemic to the South African coast from southern Angola to Cape Town. Due to its no-sale status, management consists of monitoring and permit enforcement on a local scale.