Pink Prawn

(Haliporoides triarthrus)

Knife shrimp, prawn, prawns

1. What is it?

Pink prawn (Haliporoides triarthrus) is a short-lived and fast-growing species with a life span of 2 to 3 years. A stock assessment indicated that the stock is fully exploited; however, fishing pressure is above sustainable levels which could put the stock at risk.

2. How was it caught or farmed?

Pink prawn are caught in deep water using beam trawls. The fishery operates as a multispecies fishery targeting a number of other crustacean species. Discarding is considered to be high in the fishery with low survival. The fishery is known to have an impact on endangered, threatened and protected species with high levels of bycatch.

3. Where is it from?

Pink prawns are found all along the Mozambique coast.The fishery is managed under a license system, including TAC and closed seasons. Management is considered as marginally effective; due to a lack of information on bycatch, discards, habitat impacts and impact on ETP species. Some improvements have recently been made in the form of a new Fisheries Act which addresses some of these issues.