(Metanephrops mozambicus)

Mozambican prawn, African lobster

1. What is it?

Mozambique Prawns (Metanephrops mozambicus) are typically found on soft, muddy grounds in depth ranging from 200-750m. No stock has been conducted; therefore the stock status is currently unknown.

2. How was it caught or farmed?

Mozambique Prawns are caught as bycatch in the demersal otter trawl fishery for deep sea shrimp. Demersal otter trawls consist of nets that are dragged along the sea bed at different depths.. By-catch is only regulated as a percentage of the main target species, but the basis for this is unknown. There is no information available regarding the fisheries impact on endangered, threatened or protected species There is also no information available on the impact of the fishery to the benthic environment.

3. Where is it from?

Mozambique Prawns are caught in the Mozambique and imported to South Africa. No information on the management of the target fishery is available, therefore management cannot be evaluated. However, in the last years, some improvements were made and the Mozambican Parliament has approved a new Fisheries Act which will address rights-based management of fisheries.