White Musselcracker

(Sparodon durbanensis)

Brusher, Beenbek, Silver steenbras, Sandbloue, Cracker, Wit mosselkraker, Biskop

1. What is it?

White musselcrackers ( Sparodon durbanensis ) are endemic, slow growing, late maturing fish that are residential as juveniles and undergo winter spawning migrations as adults. White musselcrackers are listed on IUCN’s list of threatened species as Vulnerable and is rated as a no-sale species within South Africa.

2. How was it caught or farmed?

White musselcrackers may only be caught by recreational fishers with special permits following a minimum size limit (60 cm) and daily bag limit (2 pp/pd). Recreational fishers are not allowed to sell their catches.

3. Where is it from?

White musselcrackers are found along the coastline from Cape Point to KwaZulu-Natal. Due to its no-sale status, management consists of monitoring and permit enforcement on a local scale. The illegal selling of white musselcrackers by spearfishers during “cracker runs” in the South Eastern and Eastern Cape makes effective management difficult.