Brindle Bass Rockcod

(Epinephilus lanceolatus)


1. What is it?

Brindle Bass rockcods (Epinephilus lanceolatus) are large, predatory fish found in estuaries, coral and rock reefs (often with caves). They are highly inquisitive fish and easy to approach which made them a popular target for recreational fishers. This led to a rapid decline in abundances and from 1992 they have been fully protected in South African waters. Therefore, fishing of any kind is not permitted.

2. How was it caught or farmed?

Brindle bass are fully protected species therefore no one may catch, sell or buy them in South Africa.

3. Where is it from?

Brindle bass are found in shelf waters along the Eastern Cape coastline to Mozambique. Due to its protected status, management is through catch inspections. Brindle bass are also fully protected in Mozambique but management there is poor. They are important reef predators globally and due to low levels worldwide they should remain protected.