Table of alternatives

SASSI Green-listed alternatives

Are you a sucker for salmon sushi or perhaps keen on a piece of red roman, yet you are torn by the decision as both of these are on the SASSI orange list? Did you know that South African rainbow trout is a perfect salmon sushi alternative? And that hottentot is a delicious red roman equivalent? We’d like to let you – and your taste buds – know that there are amazing seafood alternatives that are both sustainable and tasty!

We have identified some common seafood favourites and appropriate Green-listed alternatives to encourage more adventurous ordering when you’re eating out and inspire your creative cooking genius. Plus you can pop over to our recipe section to find some fabulous sustainable seafood recipes!

Try these tasty, sustainable alternatives the next time you are ordering or preparing your favourite seafood dish.


Cape Salmon, Sole, Cape Dory


Cape Salmon and other game fish


Kingklip, New Zealand Ling, Kob, Rockcod, Jacopever


Santer, Cod or even Kingklip when lightly cured and firm

Hottentot / Black Bream

Santer, Panga, Red Roman, Carpenter, White Stumpnose


Kob, Kingklip, New Zealand Ling, Rockcods, Jacopever, Cape Salmon, Gurnard

Mackerel (King and Queen)

Horse Mackerel (demersal trawl)


Rock Lobster and Prawns


NZ barracouta

South African Rainbow Trout

Norwegian Salmon, especially good for sushi

Pole-caught Tuna

Other Tuna, Swordfish, other game fish


Game fish, Cape Salmon and Tuna in sushi

Oysters & Mussels

Any shellfish

Alaskan Wild Salmon

Norwegian (or farmed) Salmon