Keep SASSI Participants Committed

“Retailers and suppliers that work with WWF-SASSI are required to make measurable commitments to sustainable seafood that are publicly communicated and easily available to their customers.”

WWF-SASSI provides the retailers and suppliers that it works with with the tools for seafood sustainability, however, it is up to the Participants to make the change. You can encourage them to stick to their commitments by:

  • Viewing and sharing the SASSI partners’ commitments to sustainable seafood and supporting the sustainable seafood initiatives that they are engaged in.
  • Holding the retailers and suppliers that are working with WWF-SASSI accountable to their commitments.
  • Asking retailers, suppliers and restaurants that are not working with WWF-SASSI what they are doing about seafood sustainability and whether they have made any measurable commitments to sustainable seafood.
  • Always asking about the sustainability status of the seafood products that you buy or order and encouraging your seafood retailer, supplier or restaurant to source and stock WWF-SASSI Green-listed alternatives.
  • Requesting that your retailer, supplier or restaurant stock products that are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). Look for the distinctive logos of these organisations on seafood product packaging or on seafood menus as an assurance of sustainable and responsible production.
  • Engaging directly with retailers, suppliers or restaurants if seafood product labelling does not tell you the following:
    • Species’ common name,
    • Species’ scientific name,
    • Country of origin,
    • Capture or production method.

Click here to learn more about SASSI’s work with retailers and suppliers.

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