Cured hake croquette recipe from Trailblazer Chef Kyle Knight

chef kyleKyle Knight, who is a chef and owner of The Shop restaurant, is one of our 2019 Trailblazer chefs. In case you missed it, WWF-SASSI celebrates top chefs annually by hosting a Trailblazer awards ceremony honoring chefs who actively champion sustainable seafood practices in their restaurants. Chef Kyle prides himself in selling sustainable and green-listed dishes in his restaurant and one of his favourite dishes to make is his Cured Hake croquettes. He has kindly shared it with us for you to use in your own kitchens! Recipe below:

Cured Hake croquettes


1kg firm fresh hake

500g coarse salt


1kg potatoes, peeled

Milk to cover

1x onion halved

2 bay leaves

5 pepper corns


2x cloves garlic chopped

1cm chilies (optional)

Olive oil


Cake Flour

6 whole eggs

Bread crumbs

  •  Lightly salt hake
  •  Rinse in cold water and soak in water for a further 12 hours.
  •  Poach in milk, with onion, bay and pepper corns, until cooked.
  •  Remove from milk, peel off skin and set aside.
  •  Boil peeled potatoes until soft and then mash.
  •  Lightly fry garlic and chilly until golden in olive oil.
  •  Add hake and potatoes and mix well until lovely and creamy.
  •  Allow to cool
  •  Roll into golf ball size balls
  •  Chill in fridge until firm
  •  Dust in flour then into whisked egg and then into bread crumbs
  •  Reserve in fridge until needed
  •  Fry in oil at 160 Celsius until golden.

Serve with petit salad and enjoy!

Delsy Sifundza: WWF-SASSI