Zana Alvarado

National Chairperson for The South African Chefs Association Women in Culinary, Vice Chairperson for SA Chefs Gauteng Regional Committee, and Chef Brand Ambassador for WWF SASSI (Worldwide Fund for Nature Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative).
Executive Chef at Mestizo, South Africa.
Founder of The Zana Alvarado Collection, a premium pantry range.


Growing up in the heart of South Africa’s Mpumalanga province, Jan Hendrik developed a unique relationship with food. His culinary journey led him to become a renowned chef, earning the prestigious honor of a Michelin star for his exceptional culinary skills.

Gregory Henderson

Chef Gregory Henderson, hailing from King Williams Town, took on the role recently as co opted Director and Chairman of Competitions and assumed responsibility for the Restaurant Forum and Sustainability on the South African Chefs Association Board.

Jason Whitehead

Jason Whitehead is a Cape Town based chef, culinary % hospitality consultant and award-winning cookbook author who has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Zola Nene

Down-to-earth, bubbly, stylish, talented and South Africa’s culinary sweetheart; these are but a few of the many superlatives that describe two-time cookbook author, TV chef and food stylist, Zola Nene. 

Jocelyn Meyers Adams

Jocelyn was the executive chef at the Table Bay Hotel and is now an independent chef catering special functions and events as well as running Food Jams Cape Town.