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WWF-SASSI offers engaging Seafood Sustainability training courses online and in Cape Town and Durban and has trained over 3 500 key players in the culinary and hospitality industry.

The course has been carefully crafted to equip restaurants, chefs, procurement and front of house staff with pertinent information and skills on how to develop a sustainable seafood strategy. It covers topics such as the benefits of sustainable seafood and how to implement WWF-SASSI’s guidelines in restaurants.

WWF-SASSI also offers talks to chef schools, conservation organisations, educational institutes and community groups which cover, among other topics, the basic state of South Africa’s marine resources and how you can be part of the shift to sustainability.

The WWF-SASSI Restaurant Training engages participants in the following topics:

Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life and the lives of those around you!

We welcome all nature lovers, ocean lovers and sustainable seafood champions who would like to give time in person or virtually to WWF and WWF-SASSI related projects, events, initiatives and activations. There is something for everyone: opportunities to learn more about WWF; to meet scientists, chefs, and businesses; broadening your network and skillset; and making a difference to our world.

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Oceans provide tremendous economic, social and cultural benefits, from the air we breathe and the seafood we eat to livelihoods and trade opportunities, as well as fun and recreation!