How To Protect Our Oceans For Future Generations?
Choosing Sustainable Seafood

Calling all seafood enthusiasts and ocean advocates! Your love for seafood can ignite a powerful force for positive change.
By understanding the issues facing our oceans and choosing sustainable seafood, you can become a vital part of the solution.
Your choices can help reduce overfishing, protect marine habitats, support sustainable fishing practices and transform supply chains!


Why does choosing Green help?



Are you a sucker for salmon sushi or perhaps keen on a piece of red roman,
yet you are torn by the decision as both are on the WWF-SASSI Orange list?

You’ll be glad to know that South African rainbow trout is a perfect salmon sushi alternative!
And that Cape bream/hottentot is a delicious red roman equivalent!

In fact, there are many amazing seafood alternatives that are both sustainable and tasty.

WWF-SASSI identified some common seafood favourites and appropriate Green-listed alternatives to encourage more adventurous ordering when you’re eating out and inspire your creative cooking genius.

Try these tasty, sustainable seafood alternatives the next time you are ordering or preparing your favourite seafood dish.

Cape Salmon, Sole, Cape Dory

Cape Salmon and other game fish

Santer, Cod or even Kingklip when lightly cured and firm

Santer, Panga, Red Roman, Carpenter, White Stumpnose

Horse Mackerel (demersal trawl)

NZ barracouta

Norwegian Salmon, especially good for sushi

Other Tuna, Swordfish, other game fish

Game fish, Cape Salmon and Tuna in sushi

Any shellfish


You can encourage WWF-SASSI retailers, suppliers and big seafood franchises to stick to their commitments by:

You can also encourage retailers, suppliers and restaurants not working with WWF-SASSI by asking about their seafood sustainability plans.

Sustainable seafood recipes

You don’t need to be an award-winning chef to cook sustainable seafood…
That is because WWF-SASSI has joined with chefs from all over South Africa to help you cook-up and plate delicious and inspiring dishes in your own home.

It’s never been easier to cook sustainable seafood at home!