Choose green for the penguins

The Penguin Town Netflix docu-series followed the struggles and triumphs of the Boulders penguin breeding colony in Simon’s Town. Every year, 2500 African penguins gather here. Their mission: find a mate, make babies and not go extinct! But did you know, 95% of the world’s African penguins have already disappeared (and the numbers keep dropping every year)?

This is a result of:

✔️Lack of availability of their preferred prey: pelagic fish like sardines and anchovy. 🎣

​​✔️Climate change 🌊

​​✔️Oiling events 🛢️

✔️Predation 🐱🦭

Did you know that these penguins are classified as endangered by the IUCN, and their numbers decrease by an alarming rate of 5% each year? We really need decision-makers to listen to the science and act to manage fisheries better, and expand marine protected areas. You can help by making informed seafood choices with SASSI – choose green to #SavetheAfricanPenguin

WWF debut a special panel discussion on the plight of the African penguin, moderated by Oscar winner Pippa Ehrlich (of My Octopus Teacher. and Sea Change Project ). This included members of SANCCOB saves seabirds, Red Rock Films and Pavitray Pillay and Craig Smith of WWF South Africa on how to save the African penguin.

Click here to watch the full discussion.