Go green (not red!) this festive season

On-trend with growing environmental concerns worldwide, more environmentally conscious South Africans are choosing ‘green’ not ‘red’ when it comes to festive season dishes this year.

That’s because choosing ‘green’ is the easy, healthy, environmentally friendlier and delicious way to ensure your dining choices – and your consumer spend – contribute to a better world, whether around the dinner table or at your favourite restaurant.

* Easy
Choosing sustainable seafood is easy with WWF-SASSI’s easy-to-use ‘traffic light’ seafood guide.

WWF-SASSI ‘traffic light’ seafood guide

 – Green list: The most sustainable seafood choices – enjoy often with a clear conscience.

Orange list: Think twice – only choose seafood on this list on very rare occasions.

– Red list: Avoided entirelythis seafood is unsustainable or illegal to sell.

Visit the website: https://wwfsassi.co.za/sassi-list/

* Healthy
Not only are sustainable ‘green’ seafood choices from healthier fish populations, these are also lighter, better-for-you options than the traditional festive season focus on red meat choices.

* Environmentally-conscious

Compared to greenhouse gas and water intensive red meat choices, ‘green’ seafood is also the more environmentally-conscious culinary choice, allowing eco-conscious consumers to drive change, by simply using the WWF SASSI APP to choose ‘green’ sustainable seafood.

This will help ensure your children, and their children, can also enjoy your favourite seafood for many festive seasons to come.

* Delicious – Festive Fish Recipes

As more top chefs become proud champions for sustainable dining globally, contemporary sustainable seafood recipes are simply delicious.

Why not go deliciously ‘green’ for a few festive meals this year, perhaps trying fresh snoek smoked on an open fire; a spicy mussel potjie; or a beautifully grilled yellowtail. Check out Chef Bjorn Guido’s delectable and sustainable Summer Harvest Trout Salad, that will delight your loved ones and guests with a ‘green’ choice this year.

Summer Harvest Trout Salad

Courtesy of Chef Bjorn Guido.

Summer harvest trout salad

Ingredients for salad
 150g Lourensford smoked trout
 Roasted cherry tomatoes
 Blanched asparagus
 Orange segments
 Shaved raw fennel bulb
Ingredients for dressing
 Juice of 2 lemons
 1 tsp dijoin mustard
 1 tsp honey
 50ml olive oil
 Pinch of chopped parsley
Blend all together and drizzle over the
salad. If you are feeling especially creative, you can add a poached egg. Now, sit back and
enjoy your delicious sustainable seafood

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