Know Your Fish – World Oceans Day 2021

World Oceans Day on 8 June attracted ocean champions with arty prizes, when they downloaded and screenshot the SASSI app. Read your labels and #knowyourfish was the order of the day 🐠 as we asked “What’s on your plate?” Sometimes you think you know, sometimes you take things at face value. But as always, the fine print always reveals the catch – literally. If you look at your crabstick boxes you will see that this is made of hake, not crab. On menus you may see ‘salmon trout’ (actually rainbow trout). Salmon is orange listed, whilst trout is green listed. There is no such thing as salmon trout! Trout is actually a great green listed alternative to salmon. If you look at your seafood packaging you will learn that haddock is in fact smoked hake. It all comes down to knowing your fish and reading labels, to truly know what’s on your plate.

When you choose green you are making a decision to help our oceans! Using the SASSI app to make green listed choices means you protecting endangered, threatened and protected species, and that species in trouble are able to recover. We are hopeful about a bountiful future. We are taking action for the oceans. Are you?