Land, ahoy

Gauteng is the economic hub of South Africa and a foodie’s paradise where the most seafood in the country is consumed – the best catch is often filleted and dressed on the plates of the province’s busiest restaurants.

Because of the ever-increasing demand for seafood in the province, there is a growing responsibility for consumers, suppliers and all other stakeholders to monitor, question and be selective about what is caught, how it is caught and what ends up on a plate.

In October, pocket guides in hand, the WWF-SASSI team extended its reach to the landlocked province and setup office in WWF’s new 6-star green building in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The Gauteng office has already become a hub of activity with the Ecomobility Challenge, external environmental events and the NGO’s AGM being hosted there in recent months.

This spirit of energy and renewal is reflected in our team, which has has hit the ground running and is already hard at work expanding the volunteer network and filling the 2016 calendar.

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