Marine Week 2016 at the Two Oceans Aquarium

During National Marine Week in October 2016, Two Oceans Aquarium teamed up with WWF-SASSI to focus on sustainable seafood. This involved everyone from staff and visitors, to social media and blog articles using WWF-SASSI as a theme. WWF-SASSI report statistics were shared to highlight the plight of overfishing and the WWF-SASSI tools were advertised as a solution and call to action. A presentation was made to aquarium staff, on WWF-SASSI as a consumer tool, which was well received by all.

An exciting pop up education station was run by the aquarium visitor services staff, near the penguin exhibit that focused on understanding what the WWF-SASSI colours meant. Seafood pictures were displayed and visitors were asked to use the pocket card to place the seafood pictures in the correct colour category. This generated a lot of discussion and was an interactive and fun way to engage people on the topic.

Marine week 2016 was an overall success and the partnership with WWF-SASSI inspired discussion and awareness on the topic of seafood sustainability.