New member of the WWF-SASSI team!

Alexandra is American by nature but a true Capetonian at heart. First arriving in Cape Town preceding the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown, she stayed in place while the rest of the world went back to their home countries, ultimately finding her new home in South Africa. Alexandra graduated in 2022 from the University of Cape Town in Applied Marine Science focusing on fisheries, marine protected areas and cartilaginous fishes. She ended up finding her passion whilst completing her master’s dissertation on the most abundant skate in southern Africa, the spotted skate, Raja straeleni. Throughout her research she was stunned to learn about the high percentage of bycatch in fisheries and the lack of information on them. Alexandra has a desire to work on improving fisheries to help deter the bycatch of sharks, rays and skates because of their characteristics which make them vulnerable to fishing pressure.

Alexandra Azevedo is the newest member on-board the WWF-SASSI team as the Seafood Market Transformation Officer. Her work entails using a market-based approach to conservation by managing our WWF-SASSI retailer and supplier participants to ensure they are making the most sustainable decisions for their customer base. She is proud to be a part of the Panda family and is grateful to have a place for her passion on the WWF-SASSI team.

In her free time, Alexandra is a passionate scuba diver and traveller. She has visited all seven continents, explored the roads less travelled and looked for new nature hubs whenever possible. At home in Cape Town, she is often found walking her dog Lola, around the Cape Peninsula, snorkelling in Simon’s Town, surfing in False Bay or hiking in Table Mountain National Park.

Alexandra Azevedo, WWF-SASSI Market Transformation Officer