Retailer/Supplier Scheme Update

2015 is drawing to a close and many of the Participants in the Retailer / Supplier Participation Scheme are reaching their target dates for their sustainable seafood commitments. These include sourcing seafood from origins which are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified for wild capture fisheries or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified for aquaculture species; on the WWF-SASSI Green-list, or involved in a credible Improvement Project. An Improvement Project means that the source fishery or farm is not yet sustainable, however are implementing an action plan to become more sustainable in their practices. These are the fisheries and farms that require continuous support from the market in order to achieve their sustainable objectives. Ultimately, the fisheries and farms that are in an Improvement Project would end up either certified as sustainable or on the WWF-SASSI Green-List.

WWF-SASSI realises that for some key species it is not currently possible to bring an entire sector under improvement, therefore it has developed Procurement Strategies specifically for tuna, salmon, prawns and the key South African “Linefish” species. These have been published on the WWF-SASSI website under the work with fisheries. These Procurement Strategies support the implementation of best available practices within the relevant production sector. The Participant will adopt these specific strategies to ensure that, regardless of the broader sector practices, their own suppliers are implementing best available practices.

Support your seafood retailers / suppliers in providing the market incentive for fisheries and farms that are improving their practices.