Clarias gariepinus - NOT ASSESSED

1. What is it?

African sharp tooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus) are large, fast-growing eel-like freshwater fish found in freshwater lakes, rivers and swamps. Catfish are highly resilient species able to survive in poor quality water at high densities and feed opportunistically within their environment. They are also farmed in South Africa.

2. How was it caught or farmed?

African sharp tooth catfish are farmed using an open or closed seawater flow tank system or a recirculating freshwater systems in earthen and indoor ponds at high densities. Potential impacts are relatively small although the lack of treatment of discharged water before being released back into the sea is a potential concern. In addition, feed for the catfish is not regulated and is often a combination of wild –caught (not necessarily from a sustainable source) and/or vegetable protein.

3.Where is it from?

Catfish are found through Africa and the Middle East in freshwater sources either natural (river, pond or swamp) or man-made (ponds or sewage systems). Caution needs to be taken when farming these species especially the location as escape of catfish can negatively affect native species.