SASSI tackles Gauteng

With the current plight of dwindling fish populations and exploitation of fisheries both globally and nationally, WWF-SASSI aims to make its mark in the sustainable seafood hub in Gauteng. As South Africa’s economic gold mine, Gauteng’s seafood industry is fast growing and high demanding.

Creating awareness on sustainable seafood is pivotal to making a marked change in how we as consumers, retailers and restaurants view seafood. Implementing SASSI friendly measures that ensure we make the green choice and question the source of our seafood is high on the agenda to develop a food conscious society.

Some of Gauteng’s top chefs have already volunteered to be a SASSI ambassador and some new and exciting news is to follow.

The newest member to the WWF-SASSI team is Master of Science Wits graduate, Melisha Nagiah (pictured above ). With a tenacious and passionate spirit, the Johannesburg based SASSI Programme Officer is motivated to bring about effected change in the consumer and retailer market ensuring we are all committed to creating and maintaining a sustainable seafood industry.