#SASSIstories campaign launches and we want to hear your story

Our oceans are the cornerstone of life on our planet. They cover more than two thirds of our planet’s surface, produce 70% of our oxygen and are responsible for driving the Earth’s weather systems.

Oceans are also a critical source of food, culture and history. Every year they feed over a billion people and almost 1 in 10 people around the world rely on fishing and fishing-related activities for their livelihoods. Yet both locally and globally we are not doing enough to look after this incredibly value asset. The media constantly remind us of this with stories of the impacts of climate change, overfishing and the increasing user conflicts which do little to inspire and can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disempowered about our ability to change this trajectory.

What can I do? The reality is that individuals can be powerful agents of change. This is what our new #SASSIStories campaign is about – telling the inspiring stories of those fishers, retailers, chefs, consumers and others who are driving positive change in the seafood sector.

The campaign aims to empower all South Africans to be part of this positive change by asking a very simple question: “What’s your sustainable seafood

To learn more about these inspiring stories and to find out how to start the conversation with your fishmonger, go to sassistories.co.za and join the #SASSIstories conversation on social media.

We’re asking you to do the following:

  • Share and like the stories with others to keep them alive at sassistories.co.za
  • Use the ‘mail’ button to email your local fishmonger or restaurant to let them know why it’s important to you that they employ sustainable seafood practices

Upload your own ‘sustainable seafood story’ to share with others