Stay Home with SASSI

Every crisis provides the opportunity to learn. The COVID-19 crisis is proof that South Africa is actively learning how to cope with an unseen enemy whilst still instilling hope into the many distraught hearts of the nation. Even if it is for a fleeting moment, this lockdown has the ability of sparking jolts of joy back into our lives by reconnecting with nature in the most simplest of ways.

WWF-SASSI hoped to do just that by spreading some much needed joy and inspiration with the launch of our social media lockdown campaign pegged #StayHomewithSASSI. WWF-SASSI Influencers, Ambassadors, Partners and Supporters shared different ways of practising sustainable lifestyle actions inspiring our fellow South Africans to follow suit whilst under lockdown. This campaign was aimed at inspiring sustainable actions with minimal effort at home: From learning how to cook up delicious sustainable seafood dishes to upcycling plastic waste into DIY eco-bricks and even growing your own food and composting leftovers. PS: you don’t even need a garden, a bucket will even suffice.

In times of crises we often find our minds wandering and we experience many different emotions. It is said that one small act can cause great change – we call this the butterfly effect. So if all you can do this lockdown is trade one activity to serve in the best interest for nature and for you – do it. You might just surprise yourself

Be encouraged this lockdown to be part of the positive impact. You can still make a difference and contribute to healthy oceans, a healthy planet and a healthy you!

To find out more on how to get creative and still take care of our planet from your homes, follow us at @wwfsassi on Facebook and Instagram! Take up the #StayHomeWithSASSI challenge and share your top tips with us! We may be locked down but nothing stops us from leveling up! Stay safe and stay healthy.

Melisha Nagiah