The Depths of Durban

By creating awareness of marine conservation issues linked to seafood, students from the prestigious, Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine are destined to become leaders in the restaurant industry. They strive to drive positive change among their diners as well as their suppliers. uShaka Sea World welcomed these students from the second time to engage about the magic of the ocean and their role in it all.

uShaka also ran an engaging training session for John Dory’s staff from both Wilson’s Wharf and a new restaurant opening at the Cornubia Mall in Umhlanga. Training staff who are entering the restaurant industry were presented concepts that were, in all likelihood, completely new to them. This engagement has been part of shaping their thinking on seafood sustainability.

A highlight for uShaka Sea World was being part of the #Soweto2Sodwana campaign which saw two young, dynamic chefs and the SASSI team spending a fun-filled day of discovery and ocean appreciation at uShaka Sea World. The chefs spent time with ORI scientist, Gareth Jordaan, learning about monitoring shark bycatch in the pelagic longline fishery. They also got to meet turtle scientist Ryan Rambaran along with two of uShaka Sea World’s rescued turtles, a Green Turtle Wellington and Loggerhead Turtle, DJ. The chefs were in awe of the threats sea turtles face from fishing activity, as they faced new facts about our oceans. The chefs enjoyed some time snorkelling in the snorkel lagoon getting up close and personal with a variety of fish and sharks. It is through these connections with live animals that a concern for our ocean and all its animals is nurtured. We have no doubt that Chef Terror and Chef Freedom returned to Johannesburg inspired by the staff and animals at uShaka Marine World!

Presha Soogrim – Marine Educator South African Association for Marine Biological Research, Ushaka Sea World