Training at the Two Oceans Aquarium

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The Two Oceans Aquarium and WWF-SASSI have hosted a series of training workshops for the staff of restaurants who are embarking on sustainable seafood journeys of their own.

The workshop sets the scene by introducing restaurant staff to the issues surrounding unsustainable fishing practices – the impacts of overfishing, pollution, fishing techniques, etc. We then turned attention to solutions!

Attendees are then also tasked with looking at the menus of their own restaurants and finding the SASSI information about the seafood products they offer. To do this, attendees are given access to SASSI’s various consumer tools, such as the pocket guide, SMS tool (FISHMS) and (our favourite) the SASSI smartphone app. This works very well to illustrate how the SASSI tools work, and has equipped restaurant staff with the knowledge to encourage their respective franchises and customers to make use of these tools.

During February and March, three SASSI workshops were presented to 74 managers, chefs and waitrons from Ocean Basket, Sun International Hotels in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, and the Harbour House Restaurant Group. All are now equipped to make sustainable seafood decisions with the help of WWF SASSI!

Bianca Engel – Deputy Head of Education, Two Oceans Aquarium