Updates to the SASSI list!

In a world where adapt or die is key, the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) has managed to adapt to changing times and information. As SASSI is based on rigorous science that is subject to change with new information, it is important to that we as SASSI keep up with those changes and update our materials accordingly. We are excited to inform of changes to certain species on our commercial list as well as updates to the fully protected, and recreational categories.

A total of 18 assessments across 5 fishing sectors were updated and a new assessment for Chokka squid (offshore trawl fishery) was included. Some positive changes to the list include the upgrade of Jacopever (offshore trawl fishery) and Black Musselcracker (linefishery) to Orange. Unfortunately, there were also some negative changes with the downgrading of King mackerel (linefishery) to Orange and Cape Dory (inshore trawl fishery) to Red.

A total of 22 recreational and 5 fully protected species underwent a full update of content and design incorporating new scientific information. As a number of our recreational species are still recovering, we ask that you not retain but rather tag & release any species that are listed as Endangered, Threatened or Vulnerable. For further information, on safe release and handling check out the Responsible Angler Guideline. Always remember that specially protected species can never be caught, and recreational species can only be caught by recreational fishers with a permit but cannot be sold.

If you are a consumer, fisher, or angler, you can make a sustainable and responsible choice by choosing fish on the WW-SASSI Green list. Please check our website, app, and SMS line regularly for more species updates.

Monica Stassen and Delsy Sifundza, WWF-SASSI Science Project Officers