Valuing our oceans on World Oceans Day 2018

World Oceans Day was celebrated by WWF-SASSI on 8 June 2018. In the spirit of valuing our oceans we profiled green listed listed fish like mussels, yellowtail and Cape hake on our social media channels encouraging consumers to choose green. We also launched our new creative educational video!

WWF-SASSI hosted an engaging #ValueOurOceans Twitter chat along with WWF South Africa, Two Oceans Aquarium and Johannesburg Zoo on Valuing Our Oceans. Engagement arose from a diverse group of followers conservation partners and businesses around the following questions: How does the ocean add value to your life?; Apart from seafood, what are the lesser-known treasures the oceans gives us?; How are we taking our oceans for granted; Whether you’re inland or near the sea, what’s the one action you pledge to do something positive for our oceans.

We began with a inspiring quote by Sir David Attenborough puts it who said, “No matter how you look at it, this planet is governed by the blue part. The world truly is mostly a blue place”. We shared the fact that new medicines are being produced from compounds discovered in marine animals, such as the venom of the cone snail having been developed as an analgesic for relieving pain. A compound from the invertebrate sea squirt is also now being used as an anti-cancer drug. SASSI also reminded followers that human induced disruption to the ocean is becoming more apparent, in the form of consuming species that are threatened, endangered or protected or fished or farmed in ways that are damaging our environment. However, not all hope it lost as we can all continue to share the SASSI message to consumers in every corner of South Africa, empowering citizens to make responsible seafood choices and be part of a thriving ocean and future!

Search #ValueOurOceans on social media to follow the conversation!

Kirtanya, WWF-SASSI Project Officer