WWF-SASSI Lockdown Diaries: Deep thoughts and creative solutions

I believe I have just about read almost every (stress on almost) blog, article, commentary and/or opinion pieces on the COVID-19 pandemic and our current lockdown. These information tidbits covered topics on the biology of the virus, its impact on our health care system, local economies, global economies, big businesses, small business , food production and the plight of the most vulnerable. How you can help, how I can help, what government is doing, should be doing and can do?

People have wonderfully couched both the pandemic and lockdown as both a curse and a blessing, others have flipped it on its head and found the opportunities in it. Many have pointed out the silver linings amidst all the sadness and end with a final cling to hope that we will overcome and emerge stronger from it. Pieces on how to cope during the lockdown while working remotely, managing children, partners, spouses and pets have particularly fascinated me!

The trials and tribulations of dealing with kids (in, out and on top of zoom meetings), unrealistic work deadlines, unruly partnership demands, too much housework, crazy cooking sessions and downright devilish snack cravings have been superbly described and expounded on with candor and vivid honesty. But what about the person who is literally all alone during lockdown! This has been top of mind especially since I spent the three weeks alone.  Coping as a single person is very different and I have had to work on creative and novel (excuse the pun) ways of not losing my sanity. More importantly when I say being creative I don’t mean binge watching Netflix. I have found that a virtual book club is fabulous, virtual yoga classes are off the hook and forget online dating, try online dinners – all these have been a saving grace.  Finally, dealing with being alone in lockdown has taught me that meditation, dedication to routine and rediscovering the value of ones own company are some of the best coping mechanisms………along with good snacks and comfortable slacks!

Pavs Pillay: WWF-SASSI