WWF-SASSI Lockdown Diaries: What do yoghurt tubs have to do with the ocean?

Being on lockdown and working from home during these past few weeks has really forced me to adapt to the new norms. While I love cooking and baking to get my mind off from work and my eyes away from the screen, I also realised that I love yoghurt just as much. This means too much food, tubs of yoghurt and a lot of waste!

As an ocean lover, this really makes me cringe, as I know that much of the waste we generate can surely be reused! When I’m on my usual morning jogs, I see a lot of everyday objects floating in our rivers and seas, essentially littering the home of so many marine animals that I admire and work to protect. I purposefully use the word home and not habitat, because we can probably identify more with having a home. Now imagine wading through a plastic-filled lounge while trying to get to your next snack- To me, it’s the same with marine life. Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. What we also don’t see is the microplastic that our larger pieces of plastic waste breaks down into, that are then unknowingly ingested by these animals.

This has spurred me to rather repurpose and reuse my yoghurt tubs to store my food instead of putting them in the garbage, or recycling. It’s these simple easy things that can make all the difference! When I think about it, I probably moaned as a child when I opened up our family’s ice cream containers and yoghurt tubs to find something else in them, but now I see the value and will laugh to myself every time I find myself doing the same.

Now to answer the question in the image caption, none of those tubs has yoghurt. They all contain my snacks, lunches and suppers. These tubs are also great for  DIY projects such as gardening, stationary holders or other storage. You could even paint and decorate them to your own preference!

During this lockdown, this is one way I have been helping in ensuring that my tubs are not going to the ocean, my favourite place that I eagerly await to enjoy once again.

Delsy Sifundza: WWF-SASSI