WWF-SASSI Lockdown Diaries: Each one Teach one

You may be working remotely. You may feel all Zoomed out from virtual meetings. You may have returned home, where you’re missing friends and finding working conditions difficult. Or maybe you’ve stayed put and worry about your family. Perhaps you’re juggling your children’s educational needs as well as your own. You might have lost funding or your job. Whether you’re an athlete, student or teacher, you’re probably feeling anxious, sad and uncertain. These feelings are normal. Here’s my take on coping with COVID-19.

As a conservation scientist, I am re-energised by working in nature. Being on lockdown has meant that these bursts of energy and quiet time of reflection in nature are no longer a luxury I can afford. I consider myself to be one of the fortunate ones as I got to come home and spend this time with my parents. Bear in mind my folks are teachers, one being at an ex Model C school and the other at a government school. This basically translates to them using different methods to teach and work remotely. This proved as a monumental learning curve for all of us and in some ways served a greater purpose to learn more about the concerns and environments we each work in.

Although, there are times when they tend to baby me and forget I’m an independent working professional, I remind myself to be thankful in those moments. I find myself waking up and being thankful for one thing every day and this has shifted my mental state!

For now, I have been able to re-energise and find motivation from watching my parents serve and work so tirelessly to ensure our future generations are afforded the same opportunity I have been given, to one day be heard and seen.

Melisha Nagiah