WWF-SASSI’s Sustainable Seafood Course for Chefs

Trailblazer chefs and culinary masters across South Africa are helping to drive the global sustainable dining movement, and WWF-SASSI’s exciting and complimentary Seafood Sustainability training course provides all the know-how, tools and skills to develop a sustainable seafood strategy, to tap into global dining trends and to engage patrons by telling your establishment’s seafood sustainability story.

Patrons worldwide and locally are increasingly realising that their culinary and dining choices are a great way to ensure that their consumer spend – and the establishments they support – contribute to a better world.

Many of today’s global celebrity’ chefs are also proud champions for sustainable dining, contributing to a better tomorrow by putting sustainable seafood on the menu and enabling their patrons to enjoy fine sustainable dining. In South Africa, the trend is driven by WWF-SASSI Trailblazer Chefs.

“Chefs play a critical role in leading market forces and influencing popular taste. Chefs who support and promote ocean-friendly seafood can help ensure that there are fish to catch and enjoy tomorrow.” – WWF-SASSI Trailblazer Chef, Brad Ball

The fastest way to tap into the sustainable dining trend that is rapidly gaining popularity, is to put delicious SASSI green-listed seafood on your menu, and to engage your patrons with your seafood sustainability story.
By doing so, you give your establishment an advantage; provide your patrons, current and new, with an opportunity to be part of the global sustainable dining movement, and contribute to a more sustainable future for our oceans.
All the pertinent information and skills required to develop a sustainable seafood strategy are made available to chefs during the exciting and inspiring WWF-SASSI Seafood Sustainability training course. The two-hour training course is complimentary and offered on an ongoing basis, so you can simply email [email protected] now and we will confirm a date convenient for you.

Angela Barter, Capacity and Development Training Facilitator for WWF-SASSI