WWF-SASSI’s Sustainable Seafood Training Course

An on-trend sustainable seafood training course is now available to chef schools, the culinary industry, conservation organisations, educational institutes and community groups. This forms part of WWF-SASSI’s commitment to increase awareness about sustainability in the seafood supply chain and advocate for solutions that everyone can be part of!

Chefs and culinary students are amazing ambassadors for the WWF-SASSI programme, and key to driving change across the entire seafood chain: they can influence which fish are caught by fisherman, sold by suppliers and wholesalers, and demanded by consumers. With specialised Capacity and Development Training Facilitator, Angela Barter, the programme reignites possibility in the culinary and education space. Through smarter choices and more creative recipes using WWF-SASSI green-listed species, the culinary industry can drive positive changes both above and below the water.

WWF-SASSI sustainable seafood training equips chefs and culinary students with information and skills to implement sustainable seafood procurement, include WWF-SASSI green listed species in their menus, and to engage with their guests on sustainable seafood. The training also covers the threats facing our oceans and WWF-SASSI’s sustainable seafood solutions, the benefit of sustainable seafood and how individuals can drive change.
Most recently, 20 students from Capsicum Culinary Studio in Cape Town completed the sustainable seafood training session, which forms part of their seafood module covering the ocean-fresh culinary delicacies. Considered the largest chef school in South Africa, Capsicum Culinary Studio has six campuses across the country, providing internationally-recognised culinary courses.

As part of the training session and to support students’ understanding of their sustainable seafood options, students conducted a WWF-SASSI exercise, downloading the WWF-SASSI list APP on their phones, and categorising seafood choices according to a ‘traffic light’ system of Red (Don’t Buy), Orange (Think Twice) and Green (Best Buy). They were also introduced to latest WWF-SASSI online Ocean Challenge Game.

For details on how you can get involved in these exciting training and workshops, please email us at [email protected].

Angela Barter, PR Agency: Training & Development Consultant for WWF-SASSI