Colour Changes & New Assessments on the SASSI List

View the full detail on the SASSI list tab on our website. INTERNATIONAL SPECIES: NEW ASSESSMENTS ON THE SASSI LIST Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus): Mauritiana & Morocco (FAO34); Midwater trawl; Orange Argentine Hake (Merluccius hubbs): Argentina; Demersal otter trawl; Red Chub Mackerel (Scomber japonicus): Chile FAO 87; Midwater trawl; Red Chub Mackerel (Scomber japonicus): Chile FAO 87; Purse […]

WWF-SASSI’s Sustainable Seafood Course for Chefs

Trailblazer chefs and culinary masters across South Africa are helping to drive the global sustainable dining movement, and WWF-SASSI’s exciting and complimentary Seafood Sustainability training course provides all the know-how, tools and skills to develop a sustainable seafood strategy, to tap into global dining trends and to engage patrons by telling your establishment’s seafood sustainability […]

A Focus on Marine Protected Areas

As a child, I knew I wanted to protect the environment. This dream remained constant throughout my life and although it proved to be challenging as a student of BSc Zoology, with constant deadlines and sleepless nights of studying, the passion remained strong. My dream started to materialise in 2021 when I was selected for […]

WWF Launches Sustainable Blue Economy Project

How does one strike a balance between sustainable resource use and maximum economic gains? This is a concern that arises especially in disadvantaged communities. The emerging concept of ‘’Blue Economy’’ has been embraced in different communities across the world, but is it sustainable? For decades, coastal communities in South Africa have been harvesting marine resources and it has […]

SASSI Officially included in South African Schools Curriculum

When we speak to friends many of them say, “When I was little I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist”. Sounds familiar? Well the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation has been making dreams come true, and working hard to offer Marine Sciences as a subject in schools.  Their education team took it upon themselves to […]

Feb Be Wary: SASSI’s red list

We believe that loving the ocean means acting in a way that protects it. Saying no to red listed species is one way we asked ocean lovers to show their love to the big blue for ‘Feb be wary’. Red-listed species include our national fish, galjoen and other national treasures like red stumpnose and red […]

Diversity on our plates = Biodiversity in our oceans

Diversity on our plates is part of the biodiversity solution. Seafood diversity on your plate helps with biodiversity in our oceans. By eating a variety of green listed fish, you are relieving the pressure on one species or one fishery. Marine diversity strengthens the ocean ecosystems with each species playing a particular role, from producing […]

Can you tell? The low down on canned seafood

Sardines/pilchards, mackerel, salmon, tuna all have a story… You may be surprised to know that your canned seafood may not be the most sustainable seafood on the block. Reading the label is one way to know exactly what you are eating. It’s even better when retailers and brands label their products. You might find information […]

New SASSI Fish ID App launched for National Marine Month 2021

  October marked National Marine Month and something exciting has been brewing at the SASSI Headquarters. If you have ever had difficulty identifying the species of the seafood at your local fish counter, we have an answer for you. Our new FishID app is a seafood identification system in the palm of your hand. This […]