Fish species Look out for the new updates to WWF-SASSI Lists for 2017!!

Hey SASSI champions! WWF-SASSI assessments have been finalised for a number of priority South African and International species for inclusion onto the WWF-SASSI list and consumer tools. This was a rigorous process whereby the public was included and provided an opportunity to comment on the draft assessments per the WWF-SASSI notifications to WWF-SASSI stakeholders on 19 January 2017 for local species and on 13 February 2017 for international species. WWF-SASSI has now completed the review process, incorporating public comments and an external review process for the local species.

The public, including interested and affected parties, are hereby notified of the final assessment outcomes listed, which can be found at . Some of the changes in the South African fishery include Sardines, Gurnards and Carpenter shifting from the green to the orange list. Some major prawn species supplied to South Africa from International fisheries are also now red-listed. The ocean needs us to continue being champions, more than ever. The final WWF-SASSI assessment results will be included in all WWF-SASSI materials and consumer tools, which will be available to the public after 60 days from this communication (19 June 2017).

We thank you for your support and participation in the WWF-SASSI assessment process!